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Presentation of AFI

The Industrial Land Agency (AFI) is a public establishment, created in 1973 and placed under the authority of the Ministry of Industry, to promote the industrial sector and contribute in the economic and social development of Tunisia.

AFI major missions are the following :

  • Creation and development of industrial areas equiped whith modern infrastructure,
  • Construction of adjustable industrial buildings to be rent or sold to Tunisian and foreign investors.

AFI objectives are as follows :

  • To reinforce the industrial sector by setting up new industrial zones
  • To ensure a high quality infrastructure that meets international requirements
  • To find a balance between industrial development and environmental protection
  • To improve the quality of life in the industrial zones.

AFI (Industrial Land Agency) activities cover the following aspects :

  • Survey and choice of the site to be developed
  • Undertaking the required procedures to buy the land sites
  • Providing assistance to the contractors assigned to the site development works
  • Commercialization of the developed zones.

Areas developed by AFI since it's creation in 1973 :

Regions Number of areas Developed areas (ha)
Great Tunis 17 890
Coastral zones 38 1170
Inner country zones 45 678
Total 100 2738

Result :

Since its establishment in 1973, AFI has developed 83 industrial zones covering a total area of about 2300 ha, distributed among the major urban centres of the coastline and the inner country regions and has constructed 68 industrial buildings of a total covered area of 110.000 m².

These zones have allowed the establishment of about 4000 enterprises serving in a variety of sectors.